Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Chicken Tostada

Chicken (either frozen or whatever fully cooked)
Corn (usually I use one can)
Cheese (whatever kind you like)


**************Make sure that your chicken is fully cooked before using.***********************
1. Lay out a tortillas out on a cookie sheet. Place ingredients in this order on top of tortilla: corn, chicken, salsa, cheese, chives.

2. Cook in oven for 10 minutes at 375 degrees F. (watch so it does not burn. but 10 minutes, NOT A MINUTE LONGER, is usually plenty of time)

COOKS TIP: One can of salsa/corn usually makes 6 or so “tacos”. But what is nice about this recipe is that it is easy and you can add as little or as much as you like of the ingredients. It is a simple recipe to make on the go. You can substitute any kind of cheese, I usually use cheddar, or you can substitute a bean or something instead of corn.


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