Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Guinea pigs, When is enough, enough?

My boyfriend and I were talking the other day. Our goal is to get 40 acres of land and get a house on it. I said, “Then we can get a BUNCH of guinea pigs and dogs.” He just chuckled at me. He asked me how many I wanted. I was like, no more than 50! LOL

Well, I was just joking, but seriously! I want 50 guinea pigs! HAHA! NOT! I think two for me is enough. I do not have that much time to snuggle and love more than that! I love my piggies! They are the best, and nights I have issues with sleeping, their snuggles sure help. When you relax, they relax and lay down on you. It is funny, because you know Jenny (pronounced Ginny) is sleeping. She snores! It is adorable. She takes after her “daddy”. Jenny thinks she is a peoples! The goofiest little girl in the world, but I guess its not as bad as pretending you are a cat or dog. (Which they both do!)

HAY, HAY, HAY, oh and FOOD!

My girls go through food and hay like it is going out of style, and yet they don’t gain weight! (Wouldn’t that be nice?) Anywho, I miss our Minnesota “supplier”. LOL. Yes, I know odd terminology for this, but I am serious about this. In Minnesota we had a store called Fleet Farm. I miss that store. They had CHEAP guinea pig supplies!

So, if anyone finds some of these things cheap, let me know.

Colorado Springs area

King Soopers

Kaytee Forti-Diet 5 pounds

Kaytee Forti-Diet 5 pounds of food for $5.89!!


Kaytee Timothy Hay 48 oz $5.54!! (may vary by walmart, will get a pic soon)


Haven’t really found much


Haven’t found much. let me know what you find

Looking for: Mineral wheels, cheap bedding (paper, NOT wood chips), Cheap 96 ounce bag of timothy hay, cheap grass mats/sticks/balls, ETC.



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