Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Quite a week.

So I have had quite the week and yet, it ended pretty well! Started out somewhat okay. Working, lack of sleep, and tons of homework, you know, the normal stuff. One thing that was different, our newspaper delivery person decided that we did not need our paper. So, I had to call on Monday to get it. Still no paper after calling everyday, until today, Friday! Guess what?!?!?! The person delivering it, knocked on our door at 7:30 AM. Now, I wrote a complaint on my own Facebook page and on another thing on facebook. The first person told me that I should give the paper delivery person some slack. UMMMMM…..DO NOT KNOCK ON MY DOOR BEFORE 10 AM and expect me to be happy about it (unless I am not there! :D) Then a friend of mine, who I had gone to high school with, told me I had to STOP complaining! UMM….First off, I am NOT making you read my posts, so in other words, DO NOT READ IT IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT! I was already having lack of sleep. (6 hours over 3 days!) So, that started out the day, that gave me my B&&&&Y attitude for the day. Well, then my insurance card for my car insurance would not print, even after trying two different computers at the library. Well, anywho we went to go register my vehicle and what do you know, we went to the WRONG DMV!!! Did you know that in Colorado Springs there are a few DIFFERENT kinds of DMV’S? Some can do some things, but not other things. So we had to go to another one. My boyfriend told me then, that he doesn’t think that we have enough money to register my van! OMG!! I am already about to pull my hair out! WHY IS MY DAY GOING TO HELL!! And it was only noon!!! I MEAN COME ON!

So we stop by the bank and pulled out what we had and got to the CORRECT DMV! FINALLY! I got there and it took 45 minutes to an hour to reach my number. (Well, at least the number that was right before me!) The guy who was calling the numbers in my set went to lunch! I WAS LIKE WTH?!?!?!?! That’s just the start of my DMV experience today! (The counties, state, and Federal governments ripping us off, is to come in another post.) A lady finally called our number. What I was able to print out for insurance was not good enough. So, I had to all the 800 number to have them fax a copy of the card. Now, things are starting to run more smoothly.

Or so I thought!

She got everything rang up, the price she told us made me crap my pants! I mean SERIOUSLY! $110 just to transfer the title and register the dang thing!!! We obviously did not have enough money. So we just transferred the title and got temporary plates. So, now within 10 days, I have to go in and pay about $70 to register it and get my plates!

Let’s just say that when I talked to my mom, she turned my day around instantly! It only started to get better after that. Things started getting done! We got home, I got to my car and did my few errands that I had to do. Then it was time to hang with Kelly! SWEET! We acted like we were drunk, ALL NIGHT! And get this, there was NO alcohol in my system whatsoever!

I cannot wait until I can hang with Kelly again! Possibly a bonfire is in the near future!

Ciao for now, and again IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT, GO AWAY!


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