Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Homework, Mythology, Homework

Have you ever found yourself in a funk? I mean a real, down and out, annoyed, just want to crawl under a rock and never leave? (or your nice warm blanket?) Well, anywho, that is how this semester has been for homework. I know I want to finish. I HAVE to finish. For my own sanity. I just look ahead and think, boy, what did I get myself into? I have so many years left! It sure will be worth it in the end!

So, like I previously wrote today, I had issues this week. Imagine being drugged up due to pain and trying to write a discussion post on memory, when you don’t remember a dang thing from the chapter!! Yea, it was quite funny. At least it wasn’t the chapter on drugs!

I finally finished my posting for mythology, and handed in my paper for english. Now I have a whole chapter to finish for math and do the test and study for the final. And this is not including the rest of the chapter for psych. Now, how am I to finish these things when everything keeps going down for maintenance?

Well, who cares. I have a LOT of cleaning to do, guinea pig cage to clean, guinea pigs to snuggle, homework to finish, spring cleaning and organizing, laundry and a WHOLE list of things to finish! I am beyond tired. I do not think I can finish anymore today. Which is strange being I slept for more than 13 hours (DAMN PAIN MEDS). HMMM…anyone wanna help with my to do list? Well all except snuggling my piggies that is! That’s my favorite “chore”. Wish me luck in finishing everything and hope that the pain goes away.

Oh, more on the front of the preemie hats and booties. I have quite a few hats done, trying to get more booties done. Got more yarn. I also know which organization I am gonna go through. . So, If you know anyone who can donate yarn, let me know! I need a TON more!! I have a goal of 100 hats and 100 sets of booties!


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