Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Pain, Homework, and Work

Man, it has been quite a time. Went to bed last night at about 8 pm, then woke up at midnight in intense pain in my jaw. AGAIN! Well, knowing I had to work today, I couldn’t take any pain meds, and I couldn’t go into the ER. Well, I know the ER wouldn’t do anything, Just like last time. So tomorrow when I go into the free clinic I will finally be able to get my referral to the dentist! This is the thing when you do not have insurance and live in a state that doesn’t give out medical assistance to people unless they have children.

This is what I do not get, doesn’t it cost more to insure a woman who is either pregnant and/or has children, than to insure a lady who is not trying to get pregnant? Does that make sense to any of you? It is amazing. When I moved from MN I was hoping that I could get insurance through the state again. When you work part time jobs, you don’t really get insurance at most places, let alone good insurance. Right now I am self employed as a nanny. Definitely not a job that comes with health insurance. So yea, you can understand my disbelief. Another thing I don’t like about Colorado, their planned parenthood here is not donation/free. You have to pay $35 for it! UMMM…WTH?!?!?

Anywho, you all probably don’t want to hear me rant. And I gotta go eat mush being my teeth and jaw are hurting so bad. Then back to homework and then, finally, take some pain meds and slip into a blissful sleep. That is if the pain meds actually work!

Good day to all! Hope your week is going much better than mine is!


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