Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Baby Booties, Hats, Galore!

So you all know, or you may not, but anywho, I am making hats and booties for NICU patients. I am SOO excited for this. During the next three weeks where I have no school I am hoping that I can whip out at least another 100-200 hats/booties. I cannot wait to be able to take them into the hospital. I am going to go through a company called They have a bunch of places here in Colorado Springs where I can donate them! I do not know what I am gonna do. Maybe 100 hats/booties per hospital! If anyone would like to help out with this let me know!!! I also would like to thank stitch wits! They are AWESOME. They are a part of the Pikes Peak Library District. It is a group that meets every Monday night! They are an awesome bunch!!!! Thanks guys!

Blessed Be!

Hope that everything is going great in your lives!



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