Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Guinea Pig LOVE

Some say there is nothing like a puppy’s love. Well, I know dogs are awesome, but sometimes they can get annoying, take my bosses basset hound for example. DOESN’T KNOW WHEN TO NOT BARK! ANNOYING!

But guinea pigs are pretty quiet. Yes, to those who think they aren’t, they are. They do squeak and make noises, but NOTHING like a dog bark. I found that they have helped my depression/bi polar! I am serious! They are the perfect companion animals! They love you and you love them back. There are nights where sleep is nearly impossible. Well, that is when I snuggle them the most. They relax me. How? Well, when I am laying down and have them on me, all I can think is that I need to calm myself so I can see them lay down and be comfy. If I am lucky, Jenny (pronounced Ginny) will fall asleep and I will hear little snores! How can you not love these little creatures!!

They are nothing like rats, hamsters, gerbils, and mice!! They are sweet and cuddly and NOT disgusting. They are distant relatives to the capyberra. Who are some of the largest rodents that have been found.

People think that they are rodents, which they are, but they think rodent and can’t get past that. I think of them as a SMALL dog or cat!! They are nothing like a wriggly, yucky (insert name here) type rodent!

They have personalities, and you can’t help, love them all the same!

So if you are one who, doesn’t care for “rodents”, go to the pet store and ask to hold/pet a guinea pig. They will sit in your hand (usually, and don’t forget to support their little behinds with the palm of your hand) and look up at you adoringly when you pet their ears! Who can’t love an animal that will do that! One that just turns to puddy when you hold and pet her and show affection to them! Or how about an animal that purrs every time you scratch their behind. (You know how dogs have that fave spot above their butts, well guinea pigs have them too.)

So what I am trying to get at, don’t knock them until you have held them and cuddled one! They have been proven to actually help people with mental disorders and ones that are in the hospital or hospice! After my surgery, I hated the idea of my incisions being cleaned, well I was DEFINITELY freaking out! So my bf asked if I wanted to see a piggy. (I hadn’t held on in a 😦 week!) Well, he brought sweet little Kitten out. I couldn’t hold her, but he placed her near my head and she just snuggled right in, like she knew I needed her comfort!! I petted her and she purred! She has been a mama’s girl ever since! This is just one example.

You know how dogs can sense things such as seizures and make great service animals because they know things are about to happen, like, tornadoes and earthquakes. Well, guinea pigs tend to know things too! My boyfriend has some pain issues and bad circulation in his feet. Jenny ALWAYS snuggles on or near his feet! It is as if she knows he needs her! It is adorable because we have found her snuggled next to his foot and that she had fallen asleep!

So, don’t knock it and take part in the magnificent creatures that you see before you! Love them, snuggle them, pet them, feed them! They are worth ALL the love that you have to give!


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