Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!


So this week has been a LONG week. As you may know, or not. I am a nanny for a cop and her husband, who is air force. They have four kids, three living. They were in a car accident before the youngest was born. There were two “kids” racing down a road and hit them while they were stopped at stop light. It crushed their whole back seat and trunk in. Unfortunately one kid had passed away due to this accident and one kid now has a TBI (traumatic brain injury). The youngest that was in the accident (there were 3 kids and both parents in the car) suffered two broken legs! Their car seats were basically useless! The kid hit them going about 82 miles per hour!!! You may be asking, was this on a freeway, NO! Like I said the family was sitting at a stop light waiting for the light to turn green. This kid only did about a year and a half and suffered a broken leg while the family suffered through losing a kid and another kid in critical condition. Put yourself in their shoes! I cannot imagine what I would have done! They are a terrific family. about a year after the accident she became pregnant with the now youngest girl in their family!

Well anywho, the kids are awesome, and today is the oldest’s birthday. He is turning 11, the one with a TBI. The accident will be about 6 or 7 years ago on the 29th. Their mom is gonna take that day off. I do not blame her at all. So, being their dad is air force he doesn’t work on the 28th due to the holiday so I get to take off thursday through tuesday! This week he is on a TDY and won’t be back until this weekend. So I have been having REALLY long days. Days like 530 AM to about 5 PM. From Sunday through today! WOW!!! LONG week. But i got through it. And it is not even over.

Tomorrow, thursday, I get that one crappy tooth pulled. FINALLY!!! So that will be interesting. I may, hopefully, blog a lot this weekend. I know that I am getting a LOT of recipes added so far today. When I get home I may add some more from my stockpile of recipes that I have been meaning to add.

So, as you see, god landed me in this house for a reason. The kids are very similar to siblings. They are almost my family away from my family!

Wish me luck tomorrow! They are not gonna use gas, they are gonna use sedation! YAY!! maybe it will work better than when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, where I remember EVERY minute of it! Damn dentist was an A$$!

Oh, yea, and summer classes start next tuesday! YAY, go me with this crappy math!!! Which needed a $160 book!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? UGH!


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