Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Pain, No pain

I know you all want to know how today went. It went great! The annoying tooth is now REMOVED! They put me under, THANK GOODNESS. Now just to deal with the miner pains that come with a pulled tooth, but that will soon be GONE!! WOOHOO!!!

Summer classes start on Tuesday! YAY! LOL

I am gonna try to get some more recipes uploaded POSSIBLY tomorrow. That is if I am not passed out and if I am not working on planting and gardening stuff with my boyfriend. We we have some sprouts which is exciting and our Orange Pepper plant (one of them anyway) is doing AWESOME! We have some lettuce, marigolds, cucumbers (possibly), and green onions!!! YAY!!! Lets hope more start sprouting!!! My piggies are gonna LOVE us! LOL I cannot wait to have lettuce. I have been craving salad!!


That’s another thing I want to talk about. Weird cravings. I go through them like crazy. I do not know why. And no, I am not pregnant. Many times I crave chicken broth, hot wings with ranch dressing, chicken, chicken parmesan, salad, and many other things, such as fish! I know I need more protein, but one other STRANGE craving that I had was tortilla’s, pickles, and cream cheese. Anyone else find that a strange combo? It is actually quite delicious! I suggest you try it! Another thing I am gonna try the curry chicken salad that I posted the other day. For the time being I am on soft foods!

Tell me what your strange or even often food craving is! You will find these interesting if you never actually pay attention to them before.


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