Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Life can sometimes get you down!

So today wasn’t much of a day except for a few things of bad luck!!! First I went to a used bookstore trying to “SELL” a couple textbooks that Pikes Peak Community College aren’t buying back! (Which totally sucks, they cost anywhere from $140 to $200 brand new!) So, I went to the $4 book store near airport rd. They had told me that they “BUY” books, including textbooks from local colleges. Now when I say they “BUY” books, what do you think they do? Give you money for your books, right? Well, they don’t! They give you store credit which is just saying they take books on trade! So, is that considered bait and switch? I have no idea! I am definitely telling EVERYONE I know that they should not go to this hole in the wall book store that doesn’t know how to word things! They should say that they “TRADE” or that they give store credit!

Well, that was the only store I knew that would possibly take my textbooks. I did know of a few other used bookstores though. We only went to one of them. Well, they only take on trade too,  but they openly admitted it. Anywho, we were walking back to the car, and low and behold, my ankle gives out on me, AGAIN! So, last weekend I took a BAD fall and sprained my ankle REALLY bad. My ankle started feeling better so I didn’t put the brace on today. STUPID MOVE!! I am telling you. STUPID MOVE!! This time when I fell, it was on asphalt instead of on a couple cobblestones and grass. So now I have a HUGE scrap on my one knee. It is bigger than my hand!! At least I didn’t bleed a lot. My other leg has a small scrap that just looks like mild rug burn, and I also scrapped up the palm of one of my hands! I am DEFINITELY feeling the pain tonight! My ankle is worse than ever and I cannot move it without SEVERE pain!

That was the extent of my bad luck, thank goodness!!!

I started working on some math today because you know that classes start on Tuesday. I think I am gonna have issues with this math class! SERIOUSLY! Oh well, I have the motivation to finish that is for sure.

Tomorrow is gonna be a sort of busy day. I have to go to the library to print off some things for school so that I can work on a work study, and go to the third used bookstore that I know of. Hopefully they will give me cash for my books. If they don’t I have NO IDEA what I am gonna do. SO either I am gonna take the store credit or I am gonna try to sell them on craigslist. Any suggestions? (Yes, I know I am rambling! This is what I do when I cannot relax and am in severe pain.)

This weekend is Territory days. I am thinking about possibly going. I do not know yet! Being my ankle and my knee hurt to walk! What do you think? Should I suffer through the pain and just go?

Oh, and you are probably wondering how our gardening stuff is going. We have SEVERAL more sprouts done!! YAY!!! EXCITING! I don’t remember what they all are. Some of the markers that said what they were got messed up! 😦 We had also bought a orange bell pepper plant from Ace hardware. We decided to do that because it was only $1.25 per plant! AWESOME deal! Well, one of them is thriving REALLY well, while the other is kinda stunted in growth! 😦 There are some “bites” into the leaves. Our neighbor, who, I think, landscapes for a living, said it looks like caterpillers possibly. DANG BUGS!! I HATE BUGS!! You have no idea!

Well, what else is there to say? I don’t know. I will try to come back tomorrow with recipes and how things go during the day and how my pain is. (The pain from my pulled tooth isn’t too bad, just some miner jaw issues and possibly a dang fever!) GOD HELP ME!

Well,  I better go lay down and try to get some sleep!

Blessed Be!!!

Have fun this weekend, and be responsible about drinking and driving!! I don’t want to hear about any accidents because someone wasn’t smart enough to have a designated driver!


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