Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Guinea Pig Snuggles, and Rodent Guru/Psychic

So this last week we babysat a bunny for our neighbor’s sister. The bunny is in this smaller cage, which is okay for maybe another month or so. Also, they were told things by the MALL PET STORE! YES! I am SOOOO opposed to mall pet stores its not even funny! They don’t know what they are talking about usually. So the three days we had her, she perked up after we did a few things. We fed her hay (which they did not give us, we had to use our own), a couple carrots, which she NEVER had before! they had NEVER fed her any fresh veggies! A BIG BIG BIG NO-NO with them! they need fresh veggies for vitamin A! We also covered her cage at night. and we think, that by doing this she got A LOT of sleep! By the time we gave her back to them she was up and moving around instead of being lethargic! We also figured out why she bats at a persons hand when put in front of her!

It is amazing what you figure out about a pets personality! Our girls are just awesome, but they have always been awesome! They also definitely have their own personalities!! FOR SURE! Jenny is a bully, but she is sweet all the same! She loves to snuggle (just not with her sister sometimes), and she has the sweetest little, what we call, precious moments look! If you know precious moments you will know what I am talking about! Her eyes turn big and just adorable! She also thins she is a, again, what we call, people’s. She thinks she is human! LOL. It is quite adorable! She takes the roll of mama pig! Kitten is definitely a little sister. She is sweet, and snuggly and just looks up to her sister! Even though she is technically the oldest! Even when her sister “attacks” her, she snuggles closer and closer to her! It is quite funny! She is the purrer when you pet her chubby little butt! She is adorable and lovable! You cannot help but snuggle her up close and love her. Same with Jenny! I also love when we rattle a produce bag, they wheek and whistle and run around. Pretty much telling me, “Hurry up mommy! Hurry up, we want food!” Ignoring the FULL bowl of food and hay manger, FULL of hay. They want the fresh veggies that they know will be arriving in their cage shortly! (If you are wondering what wheeking is, you can google guinea pig sounds. There are about two sites that have the best guinea pig sounds in the world. We have taught our girls many sounds from these sites!)

I hope you enjoy the information. No matter how little I gave here! Always remember that any pet, much like a guinea pig. Needs love and attention. They have their own personalities. And do NOT get a pet unless you do your research and know who/what you are taking care of and what it takes to love these wonderful creatures that do nothing, but ask you to feed them, water them, and give them all the love you have!


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