Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!


As you guessed it, yes, I got my work-study. I started yesterday. I LOVE my new job! So now I am going to school, taking 3 classes (about 10 credits) and working two jobs. My two jobs combined equal to about 46 hours or more a week! Think I am crazy? You bet. But guess what. I will be going to school FULL TIME in the fall with the same work schedule! I will be taking philosophy (my bird course hopefully. Plus, I LOVED philosophy in high school), Biology (which will be in class instead of online), and of course math! YAY for me! I cannot wait till math is DONE!!!! After this semester, as long as I pass with a C or greater, I will be COMPLETELY done with English! UMM, YESS! LOL. as you can see, I am excited, mostly because of the fact that I am actually FINALLY seeing results with school. I was frustrated at the end of last semester because I felt like I had gotten NOTHING done. With motivation though, I think I can make. I now have about 4 or 5 classes after this semester done for my associates! Isn’t that exciting?

Well, any who, my job. So, you all know I am a nanny three days a week. That is Monday through Wednesday. Usually my schedule is from 7 to about 5 (depends on when they get out of work). The last week of June though the boy with the TBI (refer to previous post about his injuries and story. Traumatic Brain Injury) has to go into the hospital for a week for more testing! Poor kid. They are testing to see if they have to take out more of his brain! Something a kid should not have to deal with. So pray that they find some other type of treatment to help him out! Well, any who, he is going into the hospital for a week, which means one of his parents have to go with. Guess who that is, his dad. Which means I have to keep their moms schedule! FUN! OH well, I get used to it. Also, being I don’t have to get the kids up for school at 7 am it shouldn’t be too bad. Although, the middle child has zoo camp. I have no idea when that starts during the day! 😦 SO that week, I will be up at 4 AM to get ready to head to their house and what not. So that is Monday-Wednesday. Then I work 8-5 Thursday and Friday as an administrative assistant. Sound fun? You bet! It is nice because my boss lets us work on homework. What a relief! So you can see my week schedule is BUSY! Plus add in court to deal with our DISGUSTING landlord (see later paragraph and previous posts), homework (for 3/4 time student), Adam’s home health care stuff, cleaning, organizing, crocheting baby booties and hats, car trouble (see later post. yes more car trouble), and it wouldn’t be life without some money trouble (which is making me think I need to take a third job. Well, technically, fourth job.)


1. Home Health Care Nurse
2. Nanny
3. Administrative Assistant
4. School

How does that life sound? Busy? You bet!

Any who, I had to tell the kids mom that I couldn’t be at work on Monday. I cringed. I hate having to leave her in a lurch, but this landlord BS needs to be solved. ASAP! So, I don’t remember where I left off, but if you read previous posts you knew we were having issues. First with him telling us that we are unable to call the cops. UMMM. If I am not mistaken that is AGAINST THE LAW! Then some other issues. Then on June 1st at about 2 pm he posted that our rent was late. I find something wrong with that. The first wasn’t even over yet! So being June 1st was on a Friday, and it states in our lease that our rent isn’t late till after the 6th of the month, Adam didn’t mail it out till Monday. The third reason was because we were waiting for him to come back and pick it up…well he DIDN’T! Adam called and left a message, he texted him. To no avail, NO RESPONSE! I mean, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Let alone WE had to find his address in order to mail it out. We mailed it certified mail. He still hasn’t picked it up yet! So anyway, last Tuesday, June 5th, he served Adam with papers to show up in court for non-payment! UMMM PICK IT UP DUMBA$$!  Adam filed a counter suit on this last Tuesday when he had to file paperwork with the court. We are gonna sue him for all he is worth! EVERY LAST penny we can get from him! Him harassing me was ENOUGH! I wasn’t going to put up with it! I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. Even though I am working a lot, we have no money to move. It is all going to bills, and car repairs.

Now, car repairs! UGH!! Story of my life huh? You bet. So a couple of weeks ago, Roberta (my van’s name. 😀 LOL), acted up and overheated. Well we refilled her, thinking she just needed more fluid. Well, a week later, she did it again. We filled her up again. This week was the worst. She would not hold fluid for a whole day. I had to keep filling her up every time we stopped and she cooled down enough for me to do it. Well, I couldn’t take her in on Monday or Tuesday because I needed her, the youngest kid had zoo camp and there was no other way to get her there! So, on Wednesday after I met their dad (we played at the park instead of wasting gas driving ALL the way up to their house again), I took her to the “doctor” (mechanic). I sure think that Roberta likes it there! MAN! So we get it there and he thinks it’s the water pump. So he pressurized it. Found out it was a seal. Good right? WRONG! The next day he called Adam and says it sprang another leak. It is under the engine, so in order to get to it, he has to take EVERYTHING out and find out where it’s leaking. Now, I know the price he quoted for labor is high for him, but if I went somewhere else, it would have been like $1000 to $2000 more! So we are hoping and praying it is the water pump and not the head gasket!! PLEASE LORD ALMIGHTY, be on my side this once!!! Another nice thing about our mechanic, no matter how much I gripe about him, he is letting us do payments. He will work out a payment plan. We are thinking about $50 every other week (each pay period of mine), so about $75 to $100 a month. reasonable right? I thought it might be. Some months we may pay a little more depending on money. By then I will have money coming in from my work-study. So we will see. Sad part is, I still am NOT bringing in as much as Adam. I am just behind him by about $100 to $200! How ridiculous is that? So when I get Roberta back, I may also look into doing some dog sitting or walking or something. I don’t know yet. Any who, pray that Roberta is okay and will get back to me in one piece without putting me bankrupt!

So that is my rant and rave for tonight! Man, is that all I do. Well, wait! I had SOME good news! LOL I LOVE my new job! I mean I LOVE It! It is easy and awesome. I wish that one of my co workers worked with me more often, but oh well. Gotta get some rest because I HAVE to go into the school in the morning to do some math tutoring. I am in DESPERATE need of help! Good night world. and I hope you are having some better luck than me this month! 😀

Blessed Be!

P.S. I know I keep saying this, but hopefully I get enough of a break with school work that I can finally add some more recipes. I got A BUNCH of magazines that have LOADS of recipes. I will see what I like and put them in my HUGE stack of recipes to enter! Hopefully soon! I PROMISE! 😀


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