Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Waldo Canyon Fire

So, a LOT has happened since I last spoke on here! First, school has kept me hectic and I am now working 46 hours or more. This week I worked about 50-55 hours!!!!


Now, on to the sad news of the week! ūüė¶ I am sad to report about the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado. It breached over one of the ridges and burned down approximately 346 homes! At first they did not think anyone had died or anyone had been injured. Unfortunately yesterday they found a dead body at a certain residence where two people were missing. They found the other missing person’s body their this morning! This is the saddest news anyone could ever have! I live in Colorado Springs, and we live near Old Colorado City where we were on pre evac for almost 3 to 4 days. We are technically still on pre evac, but we believe the worst of the threat is over for the time being. The fire reached almost 18,000 acres! That is just from Saturday, June 23rd to Thursday June 28th! The first two days it went up to 3,000 acres (Saturday and Sunday). Monday it barely grew. On Tuesday, the¬†devastating¬†day! It went over the ridge and entered into the Mountain Shadows neighborhood here in Colorado Springs. There had been 32,000 evacuees! I cannot imagine what those people are going through! I want everyone to take a moment of silence for these people and the two souls who lost their life on that day!








On Saturday, I didn’t know what to think. I was scared out of my mind as Manitou Springs and Cedar Heights subdivision was evacuated. I could have sworn we were next, but by the grace of God, we were safe, for that day. I do not know what I would have done, if it went over that ridge and we had to evacuate. This is one of the scariest things I have gone through and I used to live in the midwest with tornadoes! I lived in tornado valley for heaven’s sake! There is just something about how the fire seems more permanant, more dangerous, and more soul capturing. Saturday came and went. Sunday brought on bad and good news. The Manitou Springs people were able to go back home Sunday evening. The bad? Well, the fire spread, but not the way they thought it would. I could still see smoke billowing from the mountains from the alley near our apartment building. Monday, almost like any other. Except the fact that the air smelled like a camp fire! My lungs were acting up due to my allergy asthma! It was terrible, but we had good news, right? the fire was somewhat being predictable and doing what they wanted, even though it had grown. WRONG! The fire turned unpredictable on Tuesday! Tuesday started like all the other days. It was the same news. The fire grew, but nothing devastating. I was at my bosses house that day. I am a nanny. I was all ready for their mom to come home, but she was running late. I all of a sudden saw that the sky turned orange and that the smoke smelled so bad it was SEEPING through the walls. I went outside to see what was going on. The sky was HORRIFIC! The sun was RED/ORANGE!

This is the sun through the smoke haze after the fire took a run over the ridge of the mountain into the foothills!


I didn’t know what was going on at that point. I quickly went inside and turned on the computer to see what the news had said. There wasn’t much, other that there was a bunch of new mandatory evacuations that were immediate. My boss had driven her police cruiser home from work, so when she came upon an accident she HAD to stop because she was still in her cop car. The visibility was TERRIBLE! We waited for quite a while. On our way home I had taken many of the pictures. I was anxious to get home to my guinea pigs. I already knew my boyfriend was safe, he was driving me home. Now, I just had to make sure my guinea pigs were okay.

Smoke that hung heavy over the city on 6/26/2012. This is a lot less than what it was earlier.

That night, I barely slept due to the fact that I the evacuation lines were ever creeping slower and slower to us! It was a scary experience. There is a song that someone used on a youtube video that really hits me in the heart when it comes to this. Mumford and Sons After the Storm. That is exactly what it was. A FIRE STORM. I had heard of many accounts of the way people felt that night. I cannot imagine. I knew how I felt, but the people who had their homes on fire, I couldn’t even compare my feelings to theirs. Wednesday morning we decided to spend at least one night away for a few different reasons. The first was because of my allergy asthma. The smoke was making me sick and almost landed me in the ER. The second was because our guinea pigs CANNOT be in that. We didn’t have air conditioning so we had to have windows open or we would be melting. The third reason would have to have been because the evacuation line kept creeping closer. We felt it was the right move to do in case something happened. So my boss, the wonderful woman that she is, let us stay there for Wednesday night! I could never show her enough gratitude for being that nice to us! She will never know just how much I appreciate her help through this. Things were finally starting to calm down a bit in the city. Thursday was another early day for me. I had to go to my second job at the college. On the drive there you could still see some of the billowing smoke, but nothing like it had been on Tuesday! We had also found out that they had found that someone had passed away in the fire! They found them in their home! That is one of the saddest moments I have had this past week. There were two people missing from this household and they had found one of them dead. On Friday, they announced that they found the other missing person. This fire has now claimed about 346 homes and 2 lives! There could be more, but being the fire is so huge and it is still too dangerous for anyone to go in and actually look and see what is going on. I hope that no more lives are lost and no more houses are burned! I pray for all those who have lost their homes and for the two souls who died in the fire! Not to mention all the wildlife that is also now displaced because of this 17,000 acre fire!


Here is the video where I found the song, it is a video of a guy who happened to be near where the houses burned down! BEWARE, it is sad!


Also here are a few pictures from the days starting at 6/23/2012:

Smoke coming from the mountains

Smoke after the fire entered the city on 6/26/2012







Another angle of the smoke over the city



Another angle. You can see the sun through the smoke!!! 6/26/2012








The sun after the fire ran over the mountains! 6/26/2012


Here are some flames. I know you can barely see them, but they are somewhat towards the bottom. 6/25/2012







Smoke in the air after the second day of the fire . Mountains to the west. 6/24/2012


Sunset after the second day of the fire 6/24/2012













Mountains to the south. See picture above for picture to the west. Taken minutes from each other 6/24/2012.


Smoke above the mountains on 6/24/2012










Smoke billowing up on the second day of the fire 6/24/2012



Smoke billowing up on Tuesday after running over the mountains into the city! 6/26/2012











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