Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Costumes, Trick or Treating, Snacks, Candy and MORE

Now I may have to post this as separate blog posts because this is a holiday that I can talk about for hours.

1. My first step will be about making scary faces.

Now I don’t find this too scary, but it is the name of the game so we will see what you think.


skewer, black construction paper (other colors if you want to play around with this idea), glue/tape

Make beards, mustaches, words, hats, anything you want to make a “mask”. They can be as scary or not scary as you like!! I am thinking if you want you can make things such as Frankenstein and ghosts and stake them in the front yard to make a “frightful” Halloween decoration.

2. Play with your food

Sprinkle two envelopes unflavored gelatin over 1 cup cold limeade; let stand for 1 minute. Add 2 cups boiling limeade; stir until gelatin is completely dissolved. Pour into ice cube trays. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until soft set. Press a gummy body part (usually found in the seasonal sections of major retailers) into each cube; refrigerate until firm.

3. A few more tips for hosting a pumpkin carving party

*Pick a date close to Halloween to keep jack-o-lanterns looking sharp for the big night

*Got kids? Start the carving in the afternoon, and give the kiddies paint sets, markers and stickers to decorate their pumpkins

*Carving is messy!! Cover work surfaces with newspapers or a vinyl tablecloth

*Keep the menu simple. Organize a potluck, or serve finger food and snacks instead of a meal.

*Play Halloween-themed songs and burn pumpkin-pie-scented candles.

*Just for fun, take a vote to determine the scariest, silliest and most artistic jack-o-lanterns and give prizes

*Fire up the pumpkins using votive candles. Be sure to take a group photo for your Halloween scrapbook


3. Halloween Harvest Carnival

*Have lawn games, spiced cider and the fun flowing.

Create a simple party banner with twine, small clothespins and autumn leaves or flowers.

Fun and Games: No need to rake before your guests arrive — let your leaf-strewn yard be the backdrop for silly lawn games. Bob for apples, set out hacky sacks and beanbags, or start a good ole game of ghost in the graveyard — the whole family can get into it.

Party favors: Put treats and favors in re purposed wooden boxes or crates filled with a variety of seeds, nuts, and beans. Wrap empty coffee cans with a piece of burlap and pretty ribbon. Use this to hold napkins, utensils or something else. Make darling and delicious popcorn treats inspired by candy-corn colors. Layer purchased cheddar, caramel and plain popcorn in clear treat bags. Cinch with an orange ribbon and a leaf tag made from scrapbook paper.

If you take the celebration outside there is less you have to do with the inside. Some awesome outside decor would be pumpkins, gourds, apples, sunflowers, leaves, etc. You can create extra seating by using straw bales. You can make them more cozy but putting wool blankets over them.

Recipes to use: Apple cake, Hot spiced Cider, Brats with Corn Maze Relish, Oven Fries, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, Apple Brickle Dip

4. Boo Bash

Apparition Alley: Create a sweet party atmosphere with inexpensive floating ghosts. Just order white balloons from your florist or party store and pick up the morning of your get-together. An orange, black and white color scheme will boo-tify your table.

Make invitations in the shape of a ghost. Makes it fun and inviting.

Recipes to use: Grab-N-Ghost Munch, Boo-Ya Mini Pizzas, Pudding Poltergeists, Cheesecakes Spookipops, Green Glow Punch,

5. Mod-Ster Mash

’60s themed

Recipe ideas: Happy Hallow-Tini, Three Cheese Fondue, Fast Coconut Shrimp, Pumpkin Dessert Bars, Spectacular Dirty Martini Salad,

6. Fright Night

Create an Eerie Aura: Tempt trespassers with a bone-warming buffet. Conjure the vampire vibe with a tangle of glittery black garland and creepy plastic spiders (available at most party stores and major retailers). Light an assortment of flickering candles and lanterns and set out dishes and goblets in blood-red and midnight black hues.

Games & Laughs: Drawing in the dark is a hoot. Set out a big sheet of blank paper, then blindfold guests one at a time and ask them to draw a part of a scary Halloween scene. Start with a basic haunted house, then add on different twists (a moon, an owl, a witch, a warewolf…). Once everyone has had a chance to draw, unveil and hang the masterpiece. Later ask guest to share their own ghost stories or spooky encounters. If no one bites, show a campy film such as “Chopping Mall,” “Chucky” or “The Evil Dead.” Chances are they’ll provide just as many laughs as they do screams.

Recipe Ideas: Oozing chocolate cakes, Stake-through-the-heart skewers, Breadstick bones, Eyeballs Alfredo, Blood and Guts Cheese Spread,

7. The Day of the Dead

Make it a Fiesta: On November 2nd, Mexican families celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones with a warm and upbeat gathering. Prepare a feast worthy of your ancestors and invite your dearest amigos over for a lively, colorful celebration! Mini Chicken Empanadas are little bites of love, filled with chicken, cream cheese and chopped jalapeno. For younger guests, you can’t go wrong with one of the all-time kid-friendliest foods, cheesy quesadillas. Serve Kiddie Sangria made with fresh fruit and ginger ale, and assorted Mexican beers for the adults.

Fun & Games: Kids and tweens love having their faces panted. Set up a station with face paints, makeup sponges, and brushes. It will feel like a carnival! Ask creative parents or teens to take turns as makeup artist. Pinatas say party time!

Decor: Do a DIY take on the Day of the Dead skull and coffin decor. Pick up paper masks, skulls, and coffin boxes from a craft store. Spray-paint them white, then use bright paints to embellish with your own playful folk art designs. Fluffy paper flowers make gorgeous streamers and darling tabletop displays. (They’re even fun to stick in your hair!)

Here is how to make the flowers: For each flower, cut seven layers of brightly colored tissue paper into 5-inch to 9-inch squares, then fold the stack of tissue accordion style. Each stack should consist of seven pieces of the same size squares. Cinch at the center with wire or a pipe cleaner, then carefully separate and fluff each piece of tissue to form a pom-pom shape. For streamers, attach pom-poms to fishing line or string. For tabletop floral display, use pipe cleaners for flower stems.

Recipes: Mini Chicken Empanadas, Black Bean Quesadillas, Day of the Dead Cookies, Tres Leches Cupcakes, Kiddie Sangria




Check out these Recipes: Coming soon




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