Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Do you have the blues?

So life in general for me the last month or so hasn’t gone as planned, and I apologize for not being on here as it has been quite, as you can say, hectic. First things first, the little boy I baby sit had brain surgery on October 17th, that was the first hiccup the last couple months, then we had to move, and boy was that an ordeal. Then we found out that our new apartment was infested with bed bugs, yes, bed bugs, and they did not warn us nor tell us what is going on, so we were bouncing from hotels for a few days. Then I had my thyroid surgery on Monday (will update either later this post or in another post, don’t want to make this too long for you to read.)


Well the little boy that I baby sat (I am no longer babysitting), went through the surgery fine. He had quite a few hiccups to begin with but is now home and has already gone back to school for at least one day. You can keep up on his progress here:

Team Justin

Guinea Pigs Unite for Team Justin
My last picture I have of Kitten! šŸ˜¦


He is a fighter and will always continue to be a fighter. Remember to drive safely and responsibly. You can either read on a previous blog post or check out his page as to why he had to have his 13th surgery. (Due to three teenagers racing). I do not want to hear of anymore accidents like this, so PLEASE, I BEG YOU DRIVE RESPONSIBLY!!!! I even got a tattoo as a reminder to stay safe: (It is my first ever tattoo, will do a new pic of my new tattoo when i have my camera) (Go and like this facebook page also:Ā

My first Tattoo
Do NOT drive recklessly


The move, boy oh boy! We had issues finding an apartment to begin with due to all the credit issues and our previous slum lord, if you are in Colorado Springs avoid renting from someone called Stuart Sloat, as he is a slum lord and if he doesn’t like you will try to get you to leave any way he can. Yes we are going to be suing him when things calm down a bit. I sure did love that apartment though! BOO! So we did finally find an apartment that we could move into and the people are nice. It is in more of a college community, but oh well, we will eventually find a REALLY good place to settle into. So the apartment that we are “renting” isn’t quite finished yet so we had to move into this 300 sq foot studio. The only nice thing about the studio is that is has a fire place! LOL Well after being there for I think about 4 days we found out that there were bed bugs. Yes,Ā disgustingĀ bed bugs, and NO we didn’t have them previously. According to the rental agency they have had these issues for about 15 years and have had to treat about 4 times in the 15 years, i guess it isn’t that bad, but GRRR it is annoying. They are doing a heat treatment as that supposedly kills them better then say aĀ fumigation. So that happened on Wednesday I believe. Yesterday, my boyfriend had a melt down and had to go to the hospital and still have not heard from him. I am getting kind of worried. Someone told me that on a hold they usually keep them in a “silent room” where they can’t talk to anyone, etc. So I am hoping that is what it is. The hospitals REFUSE To do anything or help me out with any of this. Any suggestions???

Anywho, I could have technically gone back to the apartment today but couldn’t due to the fact that I still can’t get things situated there because of the fact that I would have to change the bedding, and wash everything and when you are only 4-5 days post op, all that movement is probably NOT the best. So may go back tomorrow depending on how I am feeling and seeing if I can ask one of my neighbors if I can “borrow” their internet to do school work. It also depends on when Adam gets home and how well I can take care of myself and TWO guinea pigs on my own being this close to my surgery. Things are kinda hectic.

And speaking of guinea pigs, (like I said October SUCKED), Kitten Marie died on Ā October 25th, 2012. (ReadĀ separateĀ post on her death)

RIP Kitten Marie
October 25th, 2012

We do not know why, but she lived a long life of 5 years. So that brings the death toll for us to 4 people/pets that died this year. First, Adam’s dog got put to sleep in August, then end of september/beginning of October Adam’s grandma dies, about a week to two weeks later my great grandma dies, then a week later Kitten dies. You catch my drift as to how bad this month(s) have been.

RIP Grandma Bell

Now, you may ask, but you said TWO guinea pigs. Well, the last time Jenny (pronounced Ginny) went without her sister she sank into a depression and got so sick we almost lost her. So, not meaning to get a piggy so soon to losing Kitten, fate had a different idea. We met a wonderful cute little Moose. (Again, read separate post on Kitten’s death to find out more).

Adam then nick named her Moose Honey! šŸ˜€

Now I have tried to make this less daunting with the pictures and I apologize that there is so much here. I will do a separate post for guinea pig info, and surgery stuff.


God Bless!! šŸ˜€ And hope your life hasn’t been handing you lemons the past few months like mine has.


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