Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Where art thou?

So here is my post on my thyroid (I copied this from what I posted on facebook as it was easier than RETYPING everything! LOL) Hope you don’t mind. It is all the same information anyway. 😀 😀

“Okay, so I have had many questions as to what is going on with my thyroid. I am going to explain it to the best of my ability between pain med doses. My surgery was scheduled for noon, but due to one of my medications that I stopped taking last thursday before my surgery my surgeon wanted to verify it with me first so that she knew what was going on. so that delayed it by about 20 minutes to a half hour. Yes, a VERY UNCOMFORTABLE half hour. As I am basically all ready on the table ready for the anesthesia and for the surgery to be done. I was already nervous and that just made it worse. Well when they got in there it was about 10 times worse than they thought it was. Remember that xrays and ultrasounds can only give you so much of a picture of what is going on. The surgery was supposed to take i believe an hour to two hours, I did not make it up to my room until about 8 or 9 at night i believe is what adam told me. Yes, I actually asked what time it was after making it to my room. Don’t ask me why, as I had no where else to be. Well, unless you asked my drugged up self. I guess I kept telling the nurses I was ready to go home and in fact I truly wasn’t. I was more aware this time than I was the last time I had surgery that is for sure. I do remember more of afterwards than when I had my gall bladder removed. some is still hazy. I remember demanding water after waking up, then apologizing to the nurses because I felt bad for demanding something, but my throat hurt. When I got to my room I found out (from Adam) that I had a catheter. OOOH BOY that pissed me off. I demanded that be taken out right away. Which was quite funny cuz the nurse was like, “are you sure? you will have to get up to use the bathroom then.” I told him yes, i will get up. and sure enough, he took the catheter out and helped me up to use the bathroom. He was quite amazed along with the doctors too. And Kelly Gray who was the sweetest and visited me that night. (Thanks Kelly and sorry for being so weird. I guess I made her and adam laugh quite a bit). That is just he beginning. The next day they let me out a lot sooner than i think they were planning because of the fact that i was already up the day before, granted with help, i was still up. I ended up almost throwing up on the nurse and we think it was all the stimulation from everything, finally eating after 24 hours, swallowing pain meds and other meds that I told the nurse was unnecessary, but when do they listen? I always have better luck with night nurses than day time nurses, IDK why! They tend to be more patient. well anywho. We went to walmart and i yet again threw up again. FINALLY the last time! BOY DID THAT HURT!! Fought with the pharmacy because the nurse practitioner forgot to put a quantity on the script. I was already in pain and had to sit at the phramacy with no support for my head and the are making me wait? WTH? One technician (I think she has been a technician for a while) finally spoke up to the other tech who was being a butt and got a move on with the script. made it back to the hotel. From there you all know pretty much what happened.


So my surgery lasted longer than expected because of the fact that my thyroid was more intertwined than originally thought. They didn’t want to cut out the parathyroid, which helps regulate things such as your calcium levels. So they had to be careful. They also didn’t want to damage my vocal cords so they had to be careful there along with my esophagus and my trachea. It was so developed around those things they were afraid of what they were taking out. It was so deformed it wasn’t even funny. So due to that they were unable to take out as much as they had originally hoped they could have. My surgeon, who is a wonderful lady and a general surgeon, had to call in an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) surgeon. That is how bad it had been. This is to the extent of what I know of my surgery because of the fact that I am still trying to get more info and probably will have more info after my initial after procedure appointment.

If you hear me now, I am clearing my throat more often, coughing quite a bit (side affect of the breathing tube), in a little bit of pain (being controlled with less meds than i had been taking), have considerable amount of swelling on my throat, a few more migraines (due to the meds, and other things) and basically a whisper of a voice. I am staying at a friends house for tonight, possibly tomorrow depending on how I am feeling and then going back to my apartment. I am still waiting to hear back from adam. It has been a high and low week and very stressful. I am taking it one stride at a time, and as soon as my laundry is done, which Robin Green-Ashley is so gracious to let me stay at her place for the night and use her washer, I will be taking another pain med, as the pain is starting to get the best of me again, and going to sleep! (And possibly trying to do homework while on the pain meds, doesn’t that sound like fun??)

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support it is highly appreciated!! Sorry this is so long, but it is best to have it all updated at once instead of small bits and pieces. Once I talk with my surgeon I will update more on what I know then. 😀 Take care and God Bless!”

What my prognosis was: Multi-nodular Goiter.
Similar to what my neck looked like BEFORE surgery (sorry I have no real before pics of me before the surgery)

This lady has a Goiter similar to what mine looked like. (No this is not me, I did not get any before pictures)

I did find one, but it is not a very good picture. I circled the left and the right. The Right is REALLY enlarged, and the left is only slightly enlarged.

Multi-Nodular meaning there were “bumps” all over it and goiter meaning enlarged.

What a thyroid should look like

More on the thyroid and what is around it. In this picture the person has their goiter on the left, mine was on the right. that was the only big difference other than the nodules

Thyroid information

My right Thyroid was about 7.4 cm long (don’t remember the other measurements) and the right side was about 4.1 cm long (again don’t remember the other measurements). If I recall what the doctor told me correctly they are only supposed to be about just above 1 cm long. So, as you can see the right side was SEVERELY enlarged. Even though my neck is still swollen it is CONSIDERABLY noticeable the difference even knowing that they couldn’t take out as much as they had hoped. I will hopefully have more information on what is going on and what meds I will have to be taking after my post op appointment (which I will be calling to schedule next week, once I know more of what is going on with my boyfriend.)
I have noticed a difference in stomach issues (minus the few bouts due to meds). I have NOT had heartburn nor have had to use tums AT ALL since my surgery and had been using them almost every day leading up to my surgery. 😀 BIG DIFFERENCE! Migraine are still here, but that could be due to a number of different things. Breathing is still kinda off, but that is due to the swelling and won’t know more on that until the swelling goes down/away.
It is yet unknown whether or not the nodules were cancerous.
For more reading on what the thyroid is, and what are some common ailments read here:
I will try to keep everyone posted!

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