Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

A loss is a Loss, Don’t let others tell you differently

So as you read in another post we had lost a guinea pig recently and gained a guinea pig. First I will tell you about sweet little Miss Kitten Marie.

RIP Kitten Marie
October 25th, 2012

Kitten lived a long 5 years, in my opinion not long enough! OF COURSE! She was the sweetest little thing and not the one we thought would pass away first. She had her share of respiratory problems. We thought she had asthma and we always joked that she was our asthmatic baby. We didn’t take her in for it because she had it for a good portion of her life and our vet in Minnesota wasn’t worried about it because she was always so healthy.

I had gone into work that day like normal, I worked at the college that day. The day was as normal as possible, it is strange because I didn’t get that sixth sense intuition feeling. about 10:30 a.m. My boyfriend called me asking me if I was sitting down. I was like great did the apartment people not accept us to move there? I was like NOT again! (We were having issues finding an apartment at this point.) He said no, and he started crying, and I knew instantly that it was Kitten. I started bawling. I didn’t know what to do. I told him that I have to hang up and figure this out in my head. So I called Dublin Animal hospital and was trying to figure out what we were supposed to do with her! I seriously did not know! Dublin was outrageous on their prices for cremation. If we wanted her ashes back they were going to charge us $160. I was like SERIOUSLY???? Now it did come with a free clay thing for their footprint, but to not get her ashes back it would cost only $40. I knew there was someone else who would do it here in the springs. I knew it wouldn’t hurt to see if there was someone else. I sure am glad I did. After some research and trying to calm the sobbing down (yes, I am still at work) I finally called Homeward Bound. They only do crematory services. They were great. They handled everything so professionally and were so personable about the whole thing. Well, he wanted to find out exactly WHY she died (as we had that threat from the landlord a couple months before). We went to Pikes Peak Veterinary. They didn’t have a vet on duty that could do that! They suggested someone else, but they wouldn’t be able to do it right away (an autopsy). So we went to Filmore Veterinary. They didn’t have a vet available to do it either. The vet they had on duty was allergic to guinea pigs. At this point I just wanted to get home to Jenny and snuggle her and tell her I loved her sweet self. And assure her that she wasn’t alone.

So we went to Homeward Bound and they were great. We walked and she greeted us with a friendly face and smile. She dealt with our tears and sobbing. Even when my boyfriend was sobbing harder than me. Don’t get me wrong, I missed Kitten too, but I just couldn’t cry anymore. I cried it all out. We filled out the paperwork and picked out her urn. It is a pretty pink one. (See pictures below) They also do footprints in the clay, but you have to pay, but they were MUCH more cheaper than what the Vet was asking for (and they use Homeward Bound too. VERY STRANGE.) So for a solo cremation it cots $60. There were two types of cremation a partial solo, which is where they have their own tray but are in the same oven as several other animals. Their ovens are big enough to fit a horse, this is why they have this option. This option cost about $40. We didn’t want that for Kitten. Even though I was under duress, I was still thinking whether or not we were going to be able to pay rent. It is always that factor you must worry about. So we decided to go with the solo cremation, the pretty urn with a rose/pink etching, and a paw print. All this came out to about $95. UMMM, MUCH better than Dublin animal hospital! MUCH better. So she told us they would have her ready to go in 24 hours for us. Then went and laid her out for our good-byes in a little room. I went in there. I wasn’t sure I could look at her let alone say good-bye. I started bawling harder than I have ever done before. (I am tearing up just thinking of this part. I don’t know why, but this part always gets me.) I finally started sobbing out that I could not leave her there. I just couldn’t. When we finally started walking out, the lady came up to us and said that she could have Kitten ready in a half hour. I think she had over heard me. Then she showed us some flowers that are sitting right outside their door and said we can pick a couple to go in the urn with her. It was fate because she LOVED marigolds (she sure did think they were yummy) and that is exactly what they had. So, we walked out and Adam asked if we should go home or what. I knew there was a K-Mart one block away and thinking of gas in our big gas hog I said let’s go freshen up and take a minute at the k-mart. So we went and walked around for a bit, used their restroom and decided to get a pizza. Even though we both only took one or two bites. I think it was comforting us and that is why we did it. They called about a half hour to 45 minutes later to come and pick her up. She set us down and showed us everything. They were the sweetest people in the whole world. If you are in Colorado Springs and need this service (I am sorry if it ever does come to that) I HIGHLY suggest going to Homeward Bound. They are the best.

So we went home I set Kitten up on this little thing and took a couple pictures (because that is me, I try to document everything). I got Jenny out and we snuggled that little girl. Then I had to get out of the apartment and went with a friend to do a couple errands real quick and came back and snuggled my sweet little Jenny again. I couldn’t get myself to clean their cage so I had to do a temporary cage for her. So we got her all set up. (Kitten’s cage still didn’t cleaned after we moved, someone helped Adam dump the bedding into the compost pile. I couldn’t do it.) I sure didn’t sleep well. Then Adam and I got to talking and were like, we can’t have Jenny going into a depression again because she doesn’t have her sister so we have to have a little friend for her. We figured we would just look, and if it happened, it happened.

So I searched and searched, I didn’t really want to get one from the pet store because of all the heat I got the last time I did that!! UMM. HELLO, I know the ones in the shelters need a home, but so do the ones in the pet store! So I knew that none of the pet stores around here have any females, they are all considered male stores. They never carry females unless it was an accident. So I searched craigslist and petfinder. Petfinder didn’t have a female that would work for us. As we NEED a female because of Jenny. Craigslist I found a hit. I wasn’t expecting to for sure take one home, but what do you know. I emailed the lady and she was getting rid of all her guinea pigs due to an allergy. She was trying to breed, but her son ended up having an allergy, which I think was actually due to the wood chip bedding, rather than the actual guinea pigs. We went, and looked at them. They had two boys, which were automatically off the list because they were boys. (Even though the little black one sure was adorable.) So they had four females left. There was one that I instantly loved her coloring. Moose. We got her out, and there have been a few tiffs, but we are working on that. The lady said she had NEVER seen moose act the way she did. It was almost as if she was a tame piggy, a lap piggy. It was amazing. It took her a minute with me, but instantly she LOVED Adam! I finally just picked her up and said TOUGH, you are gonna let me snuggle you. and she did. I petted her and she put her paws out and snuggled me like no tomorrow. She was in aww. The lady said that she wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t take her home. She wanted us to have her because she seemed to fit so well. I think it was just because we were experienced and Moose felt comfortable with that.

So, being we weren’t quite planning to take a piggy home yet, we didn’t have a plan for a “home” yet for her. OOPS. So we got home, I snuggled both the girls for a bit and then Adam finally said that I HAD to get something ready for Moose. So I made a small make shift cage for the sweet girl. Adam nicknamed her Moose Honey. Yes, I know, the nickname is longer than her actual name. How very interesting. Oh well. She has settled in nicely. She is still a little skittish which is okay. I am still working with her, but with living in a hotel and then having surgery this past week or so, its been difficult. As soon as my incision heals it will be different and I can get back to working with her. Tomorrow we can go back to our apartment and things will be fine cuz I will make them a new together, but separate cage. This way they can get used to each other and learn to love each other. HA! Jenny, learn to behave, I think I made a joke there! She is definitely the guinea with the attitude problem. Thing is, I think Moose has the same attitude! LMAO!! What did I get myself into? Oh well, she is as sweet as can be, they both are.

Well, that is pretty much all you can say. Fate made its decision. Now, lets hope nothing else happens.


Adam then nick named her Moose Honey! 😀


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