Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

My Life=Nightmares-NOT adventures



Who here has heard of the 3 bad things rule??? I have BY FAR SURPASSED THAT RULE. that is FOR SURE.

1. My boyfriends dog gets put to sleep.

2. My boyfriend’s grandma passes away

3. My great grandma passes away

All find and dandy right?? that is three correct? Yes, but is that where it stopped. UMM HELL NO.

4. Issues finding a new apartment

5. Issues finding help move

6. Adam is infected with walking pneumonia

7. Our one guinea pig dies

8. Adam gets bug bites like crazy

9. Have to start living at a hotel because of the fact that our apartment has bed bugs

10. Boy I baby-sat had seizures so bad he had have his brain surgery earlier than expected

11. I have my surgery

12. My right Thyroid was so bad, they had never seen anything like it before.

13. Adam gets admitted to the hospital

14. Ran out of money to stay in hotels

15. Move back into apartment and the bed bugs are STILL here


So that is 15 items. Yes I could have grouped some of them, but they all seemed so monumental, and even if you grouped a couple of them together, there is STILL more than 3 things. So where the hell is this rule of three??? I want that rule of three to happen. I need something good to happen. If something good does happen it seems that something bad happens and it surpasses the good by 30 feet. I get a small good. (Thyroid should no longer be a problem) and then get a HUGE bad (Bed bugs are still in the apartment complex).  See what I mean???

Why me? Supposedly God only gives you what you can handle, well, he sure is testing me, because I am about to end up in the loony bin!!! I am not even kidding. I have been on the verge of saying, “FUCK IT”. I am D-O-N-E, DONE. NO MORE, but then something else happens. What else is he gonna throw at me? I don’t think I can deal with anymore BS. If he only hands you what you can handle, then why is he handing me more than I can bear right now??? I just feel like barricading myself in my bathroom and just living there. Just need to figure out the snack issue. Wait, where am I sitting now??? In my small bathroom.  There is NO WAY I could live in this bathroom. Now if we were in our “permanent” appointment I probably could. So I guess for now, I am just gonna hide away in the bathroom for a few minutes and then face the world, AGAIN. With a smile on my face and pretend that all is well after it is said and done. After all, no one truly cares what I have to say or what my feelings are. I mean, why would they? they have their own problems to contend with. They have to deal with their own B.S. I know There are people out there that probably have A LOT more worse off conditions, but sometimes, I just can’t bear the weight on my shoulders anymore. I can sit here and help those people, but in turn, I have to think somewhat selfishly and ask, now what about me?? I helped you, but who is gonna help me move forward? Who is gonna show me they actually care? I hate being used. That is why I am glad I have quite a few friends who ACTUALLY care and for the most part listen. But they have enough issues in their life, they don’t need me butting in. They don’t need me telling them my problems. So, here I am again, at the beginning of the circle and holding everything in, so that I don’t bother others.


Well, I am gonna lay down for the 45 minutes so that we can go get our thanksgiving sales for this morning at Kmart. Then come back to clean up, set up our new T.V., move things around in this TINY BUTT apartment to be able to use the stove to start the turkey. and eat Turkey dinner and then go back out to get sales again. Come home, play with the new toys, and then go back out on friday to get our final sale.


I appreciate anyone who is reading this ranting. I truly appreciate it. Sometimes I just have to say what I am feeling or I sure am going to explode. If you think all I do is complain, then leave. I do NOT put up with people acting like complete asshats when it comes to M-Y, MY BLOG. I REPEAT MY BLOG. It isn’t your blog, it is MINE. I can write whatever the fuck I want. You don’t have to read it. Hell you can even dislike it, or unfollow it. I do not care. I am not a blogger who focus’ on how many people are actually reading my blog. I blog because this is what I can do to make myself feel better and have a place to put my recipes without having to have TEN different notebooks laying around full of stuff.


Blessed Be, and I hope that your life isn’t continuously handing you lemons! Good Luck!



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