Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Insomnia, Insomnia, GO away, don’t come again another day.

Can’t sleep for a few reasons:
1. adam said it was a good idea to leave the piggies at Robins for the night due to the cold and not know what we would come home too.

2. Heat. Good thing we did leave them there cuz our apartment is about 90 degrees and that kind of heat can kill them

3. i may have gotten TOO much sleep thursday night.

4. Heat. Wait did I mention that already????

5. too much going through my mind (oh, and guess where I am sitting???? Yes, in the bathroom, cuz that is the only place where a window will open. SOOOOO my body can’t regulate its temp very well, so I have to do it by taking turns sitting in the living room/bedroom/kitchen (yes all one room) and in the bathroom.)

6. Heat. I CANNOT stress enough how hot it is. This treatment better have gotten rid of those nasty POS’.

7. I miss my piggies!!!

8. Maybe it isn’t as long of a list as I thought.

9. Forgot all the homework I have to work on, but cant seem to concentrate enough. So Let’s scare myself by watching ghost hunters (which for some reason has gotten creepier this season) and reading up on things such as, things wrong with a person’s hypothalamus. Yea, NOT a good thing.

10. Probably last reason: I can’t find the light switch for the bathroom. GRRR

Yea, thats my rant for the day. It has been a LONG, but pretty successful day. I was tired this afternoon but I made it through. I didn’t crash like I did on Thursday at work. Still not up to normal energy, but after this semester I can rest a bit. Well, maybe not. Gotta do some searching, and then maybe I should just take benadryl and FORCE myself to sleep. What do you all think????



Maybe I will just roast and watch some pitbull and parolees and try to knock myself out while researching things that sound like nightmares so I get nightmares and then in turn NEVER sleep again. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea???? Yea, I didn’t think so either. Gonna do it anyway. I feel the faint whisper of sleep, but I know that as soon as I go lay down in the scorching hot bed that I will NOT be even an ounce tired like i would by sitting here waiting for the apartment to cool. I know Colorado Springs winters aren’t that cold and such, but MAN I REALLY NEED AN A/C IN THIS APARTMENT RIGHT NOW!!!! Oh and luckily the treatment company didn’t fuck up the place as bad as we were thinking they were going to. The last time they did it, they made a HUGE mess. SO HUGE that I COULD NOT do anything, I was only a week out from my surgery. I wasn’t supposed to lift that stuff. Luckily I have good neighbors and they helped Adam and I get things in somewhat order until I was able to do more. Even though, I am technically on small restriction still. It is not like, oh you can’t lift more than such and such pounds. It is more like, “Do NOT over do it and let your body resume.” The doc wants me to continue doing activity, but do NOT make myself sick over trying to get things done. So I am supposed to take it easy, but go back to work and school and be fine. STRESS STRESS STRESS. I am pretty sure the doc wanted me to have a stress free environment, but we all know how life is. That SURE IS NOT going to happen. Stress follows me wherever I go. It is like it is a part of my body or something. IDK. Thinking about it has now given me a MIGRAINE!!! I am SURE hoping they figure out what these migraines truly are instead of just pushing pills on me. they pushed the pills on me for one reason. To figure out what was going on with one thing at a time to see what it resolved. So cross fingers. Now, I am transferring to a more permanent clinic and as soon as I can get an appointment I am going to have a LOT of research done and ask for a LOT of blood work to be done.



p.s. Found the light switch


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