Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Messages to Heaven and Back

So after all the “technical issues” I had redid the WHOLE ENTIRE BOOK. It is not 117 pages anymore it is now 121. How? I know you are just wondering. There are poems. That have NEVER BEFORE been seen by anyone but me!! Yes, you heard right. Poems that have NOT been up on a blog or a poetry site. They have not been submitted for anything either. EXCITING, right? Well here it is!!!

Cover to ebook

Cover to ebook

So I have finally done it. It had taken me TWO whole days, but I typed up, organized, and designed my own poetry ebook. (It is saving as we speak). There are 117 pages of tears, blood, and sweat. (Well not really blood and sweat, but you know what I mean.) I am just gonna keep talking till it is done saving! HAHA!

I hope you all enjoy this book. The poetry is all done by me, same with the pictures. All pictures are photographs that I have taken throughout the years. I know there will be more poetry books in the future as I found a few that I missed AFTER I already had everything done! DARN. Oh well, you get to wait for more! 😀 Exciting right?

I think the next ebook I am gonna tackle is a cookbook? Maybe, or how about Surviving Suicide: As Told by a Survivor. Maybe many things will come of this. WHO KNOWS!! 😀 😀 EXCITING. I think the first step is to get caught back up with school work now that I am finished with this book. I have my pen and paper ready for more ideas, stories, and poems. How fun is that? And who can’t refuse a free ebook??

I know you all want a free preview. Here it is:


Let me know what you think!!!


Blessed Be!


And finally, what you all have been waiting for: messages to heaven and back


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