Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

The Semi-Colon Project

As many now know, I have ALWAYS been big on suicide prevention. How ironic that it actually happened in my own home, within five feet from me.

If you remember the first post about everything and how it all started, you remember what I said about what I was thinking in the ambulance.

The semi-colon project started when many who were “making a stand” and showing that they are survivors. They placed a semi-colon on their wrist. A semi-colon is where the author could have ended a sentence, but didn’t. You are the author of your own life, you have the choice on whether or not it ends. I know I wanted to save the big 300 post for this blog that I am now currently writing, but I got the tattoos sooner than expected. I know I won’t be able to top this post for the big 300 so don’t be disappointed.

Today I sent out on an adventure to Shakopee to a tattoo shop called Lucky Linda’s. They are some great people. My tattoo artist put me at ease with his humor. I like to say they were touched by what happened, but they have now been made a part of my story, they are now a part of my journey to the path of self discover, the path of discovering who I am without Adam. I would like to thank you all at Lucky Linda’s for everything today! I truly appreciate it. I don’t remember names very well. (This will happen to me from time to time.) They were great. My tattooer kept me laughing and smiling. It was much appreciated. I LOVE my tattoos and the price wasn’t overly priced either. Some places quoted me close to $200 to $250. Not these guys. They also know what they are doing because one tattoo artist from another shop said they couldn’t do the letters unless it was a couple inches tall. I KNOW BETTER. I have words already tattooed on me. I am glad I waited till now and got to a shop that knows what they are doing. It hurt a little bit, but not as much as the pain I have been in in the past. It was all worth every bit of it.

Thank you Lucky Linda’s for EVERYTHING you have done for me today.

On left wrist

On left wrist

On right wrist

On right wrist


I know you all were hoping for a much longer post, but I feel as if this is plenty for this post. It is not overly complicated (unlike many of my other writings) and stays simplified. So maybe I can find something “bigger” to write about for my big 300 post! 😀

Remember you are the author of your life, don’t let anyone else rule it.


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  1. Okay, so I lied. This WAS my 300th post!!! 😛

    June 20, 2013 at 10:05 pm

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