Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Celebrating a Loved One’s Birthday

As many of you know, Adam’s birthday was yesterday. It was a difficult day. I did end up celebrating him. Afterwards I went out with a friend to try to cheer myself up. Having a best friend is awesome!!

I had to work yesterday from 9 to 6. It was an interesting day. As I had been up since 3 AM. I just could not sleep!

After work I had realized that I forgot to bring a change of clothes. I am not going to go honor Adam in clothes full of frosting!! So got something to eat and change. Then I headed out for some “alone” time at the beach. It was more crowded than I thought it would be. At work I had made a “birthday cupcake” for Adam. It kind of got a little smashed. It was a chocolate cupcake with white frosting and a red heart. The part that came off was that I had A & T on the heart.

1 3

I had a hard time lighting the candle because it was so windy out.


I sat at the beach to watch the sunset after a little bit. I saw some awesome clouds and the sunset was beautiful. I also got to see a mama duck and her baby and a duck family. It was quite something. I feel so at peace when I’m there. Even with it somewhat crowded and some kids were whining to go home.

I finally went back to my car to light the candle longer than 2 seconds and send up a thought and prayer.


I light this birthday candle for you..
In hopes that…
My thoughts…
And my prayers…
Reach you in Heaven.
I miss you more each and every day.
I don’t know how I make it…
Through the days,
Other than one step…
In front of the other.
I still don’t know…
How to make it…
Without you…
I am slowly learning.
Slowly catching on…
Even when…
My heart is broken in two.
I loved you then…
I love you now…
I always have and always will.
I miss you my love…
And I hope these words…
Of love…
Reach you in heaven above!

I was going to “float” flowers on the lake and let them go, but there were too many people at the beach. Here are Adam’s birthday flowers.


This day was a hard day for me to deal with. It was something that that I never thought I would have to do. I always thought we would be together for all our birthdays. I thought that we would still have our futures. Our plans. Our relationship. Never take love or friendships for granted. Always make sure to appreciate every moment you have together. As I had said before, don’t take life for granted. One day it could just disappear without a trace, without even a good-bye. It can be ripped from your arms in one swift motion or the pull of a trigger and a bang.

Look to someone you love today and tell them just how much you love them. You don’t know if you will have tomorrow with them.



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