Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!


Fear. It is something you shouldn’t live with. Fear is something that should not sit on your shoulders and hold you back from living your everyday life. Eventually you will regret it. Fear going to the doctor, to only find you have limited time on this earth because you waited. Then all the things you wanted to do are gone. They are to not be gotten back. Don’t fear getting help, because you don’t know what they may do or what they may think. In the end you may leave others hurting more than you think. This fear can cause more pain than help. Leading your life with this fear is not something that a person should do. in the end you will regret it, or the ones you love will. And they will want more. More answers, more time, just more, without a way of getting it all because of fear.


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