Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Lifes Lessons Aren’t Always Easy to Handle

As we go through life, as we get older, we sometimes gain knowledge, and become wiser.
Does this take away the hurt and the pain? Unfortunately no. Today Adam was laid to rest. That doesn’t exactly mean my heart has laid to rest. I still miss him more than anyone will ever know. I miss him more and more each and every day. I miss his smiles. I miss his hugs. I miss every aspect about that man and nothing will change that. Will I move on?? Probably eventually. But right now I do not feel as if my heart will allow me to. Before I met Adam, I thought the whole soul mate thing was that of urban legends. I now know its not. It’s out there. It is just up to you to search for it. Now is there more than one soul mate out there for a person? I believe that people come and go within your life for a reason. Do I know why? No. No one does. That’s what gives life its grand mystery. Sometimes I just wish I could have a manual for life. To figure out what I am supposed to do, feel, act. The thing to remember though is that there is no uniform response for doing, feeling, or acting. Not each individual is the same. So experiences are going to vary depending on the person.

Today I had to work. and I was wondering why the whole day why I felt so off. So different and why I just couldn’t focus. I now know.

On the drive home I called a friend who was going to be there for the laying him to rest. And boy do I have perfect timing. They just finished.

Its a rough day and I believe it will continue to be a rough day. But enough of that for now. I must be on my way to do some homework. I doubt I will get much done, but we will see.

I miss you my love. Always have and always will.


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