Life Throws You Curve Balls, You Learn to hit them out of the Park!

Internal Storm

The wind is blowing
Blowing my mind away
The thunder is my heart beating
Do you hear it?
Do you understand?
It is voicing my inner turmoil.
I can’t fight the pain any longer
It hurts
My mind is on fire,
My heart aches
The rain falls
Tear after tear
Its a wonder
How I am still standing
Standing in the rain
Wind hasn’t blown me away yet
Maybe there is still some strength left.
Is it enough to move forward?
Is it enough strength to weather this storm?
The wind is strong
But I just may manage
Let it blow these thoughts
Right out of my mind
Let the rain cleanse my soul
Give me a new peace
Something to look forward to.
We will see
We will hope
That the storm that seems to run through my body
Will go away.


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